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Whether you're new to therapy or you've had professional support before, Evermind is a mental health service that focuses on giving you online therapy in your language of choice. Together, we help people and remote workers live happier and more productive lives around the world.

What we offer

Our services include access to a pool of online qualified therapists for individuals and businesses with remote staff.


Speak to international therapists from across the world


Book sessions at a time that works for you and your lifestyle

Culturally sensitive

Speak in English or your preferred language

Fair Pricing

Psychotherapy is very expensive in many countries and much cheaper in others. We offer a fair price ensuring psychotherapists get paid whilst you get access to affordable mental health provisions.

1 session
Is your first step forward
£40 / session
  • One hour session with an international therapist of your choice
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The Remote World

We understand how the impact of Covid-19 has changed the way we work and how people are dealing with the effects. We offer bespoke packages for remote businesses to help their staff move forward in a healthy way.

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