Mental health services for global teams

EverMind offers multilingual online psychotherapy for remote workers in international organisations.

What we offer for your staff

Online psychotherapy

Speak to highly-qualified therapists from around the world.

Culturally sensitive

Access support from professionals who speak their preferred language & understand their culturally-specific needs.


Book sessions at a time that works for them and their lifestyle

Why this matters

In the UK, 319 million workdays are lost each year to mental health challenges. This costs employers £43 billion and has a huge impact on your staff and their families. However, every £1 invested in mental health in the workplace returns £4 in improved health.

Diverse team sitting at a table

Pay Per Employee

Pay a flat fee per employee for them to receive unlimited therapy sessions every month. Reach out to find out more about how you can help your remote staff to improve their well-being.

What People Say

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