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Our vision is for no employee to go without mental health support.

2020, what was that all about?

It's been a strange year for everyone. We know it’s taken its toll on many people; it certainly has on us. So we wanted to do something to help. Craig came up with the idea of building a mental health platform that allowed people in the UK to access affordable therapy by offering services from emerging nations. He was already talking to a psychotherapist in Sri Lanka via video so he could vouch for the benefits of remote therapy. Friends Sarah, Dan and Mio are all passionate about improving mental health so we decided to turn a cool idea into a positive reality. And as we all have a heritage in emerging nations (Ghana x2, India and Iran) we thought we might have the contacts and knowhow to find the best talent out there. It turns out that there are incredible psychotherapists all over the world and in many emerging countries they are underworked because of the stigma around mental health. Therefore, by using EverMind our psychotherapists are generating more work and income. We then realised we are building something truly remarkable: a service that does great things for both people in the UK and the therapists overseas.

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Meet our small team that is working to make a BIG difference.

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