5 things to know before you start therapy

It’s ok to change therapists

We understand a first session may feel daunting and meeting someone new over a video chat can be slightly awkward. That’s why the therapist will be specially trained to create a safe space, show empathy and put their clients at ease. However, if you feel the therapist is not a good fit for you, you can try someone else.

Make some time

One of the bonuses of video therapy is that it is highly flexible so it can fit in around your busy lifestyle. However, we highly recommend you set aside a good few minutes either side of your session to process your feelings. A short walk or a decent cup of tea might be nice too.

It might be tough

Sometimes therapy can be enjoyable, but sometimes it is not. Talking can be tiring and very often you may talk much more than you expected or about topics that you did not have in mind when you began. The “process” can be many things: eye-opening, joyful, demanding.

Take some notes

One hour sessions tend to go very quickly. Conversations can be spontaneous but it can also be helpful to note down a couple of points you’d like to discuss before, during and after your session. Sometimes you and your therapist may agree to think about a specific topic in time for the next session.

Ask Questions

Therapy is a dialogue and you should feel free to ask questions of your therapist. Having a trained professional give you a non-judgement answer to something on your mind can be very enlightening.

Unsure of what to go for?

If you're unsure of the right therapy style for you, leave it to the experts! Select a therapist based on their video and profile and explore your options in a safe pair of hands. Remember, you don't have to do any of this alone.